Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ummmmm, Uhhhhhh

Let's all agree to never again text the word "um" or "uh" ever again. Those two words require tone to have effect. I don't care for either word in conversation, but I understand their uses in speech. I've even annoyed myself at my own verbal use of either word, which is hard to do. It's a lot like finding the smell of your own farts to actually be stinky.

In a text message, they have no place; you can't text the proper tone. No one texts or writes "um" or "uh" as an oral place holding pause: "I was at fourth and uuuhhhhhh ..." No one texts a signifier of nervousness: "Ummm, your wife is ummm, smoking hot, I'd like to ummm..." It has no validity as a “hang on, I’m thinking” indicator.

“Um” and “uh” can also have a comedic or sarcastic tone, to tease you about your own stupidity: “What’s one plus one?” (Answer) “Uhhhh, three?” Last, but not least is using it as an insult. Meaning “how could you possibly not know something so simple?” Example: "Uhhh, last time I checked, men couldn't give live birth."

I think most people are like me. Just jump to the conclusion that the tone of the “um” or “uh” is insulting. Its use is just plain unnecessary in all text in my opinion, but especially within text messages. Uhhhh, do you understand now?

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