Wednesday, April 1, 2009

How To Lose Your Sense Of Humor

The quickest way to have absolutely nothing on your mind that you find comical enough to share, is to start a blog. Absent of a blog, you'll come up with loads of witticisms, and clever little anecdotes that you want to share with anyone and everyone. You'll muse with a baby in a stroller going on about how "Donuts don't 'call my name', no. Donuts grab me by the balls, slap me across my face and call me their bitch."

As soon as you start a blog to share your musings with the world, is the day you just run the hell out of musings completely. What's that all about?

In other news, I'm trying to come up with the ultimate "Nerd Quiz" to put on facebook. It'll wind up being multiple choice, but since I hang with uber-nerds, I won't put the choices here, just the questions (of which there are only 2 right now).
Comment the answers if you feel man -errr ... nerd enough.

1) Who created the Fjords of Norway?

2) What was Harry Mudd's real name?

1 comment:

  1. 1)Slartabartfast

    2) Harcourt Harry Mudd